Calendar October 2018

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Strawberry Tea

What a lovely afternoon! A huge ‘thank you’ to Alec and his family, for a wonderful tea and for their generous hospitality. Stella would have bee so proud of you all!

Thank you to everyone for your support, your raffle prizes, (I’ve never seen so many!) and donations, which raised £420 for the Women’s League Project, UK Sepsis Trust, a fantastic result!

Thank you also to Bill Poole, for organising the quiz, which gave  us all a challenge, a laugh and some snippets of information along with the answers. Great fun!

A very special afternoon which was enjoyed by everyone.

Thank you!

Annual Harvest Service

Sunday 7th October: conducted  by Granville and Christine Leather. Gifts of non-perishable food would be gratefully recieved to go to the Salvation Army in Farnworth.

Brunch-New Menu!

The Brunch Crew is introducing a new menu which will  be available each Thursday between 10:30 am and 1:30pm.

We will be serving:

pastry of the day
tea coffee
cold drinks

We hope you will join  us and we look forward to seeing you.


Sunday 21st October. Our Bring and Share Lunch has been part of our Chapel Calendar for some time, a chance to sit down together, enjoy a shared lunch, each other’s company, shared opinions, catch up with news and generally ‘put the world to rights’!

After a break in the summer, the next agape lunch wil be on Sunday 21st October. Please stay in after the service and bring a little food to share.

Women’s League News

Tuesday 16th October

11:30 for 12 noon : Meal at Signature Restaurant.

2:30 pm: Women’s League AGM Subscriptions due.

A table has been booked for Women’s League members at the Signature Restaurant at Bolton College for Tuesday 16th October 11:30 for 12 noon. Please add your name to the poster on the notice board. The list will close on Sunday 7th October.

I apologise for not having a meeting in September, it was not possible, on this occasion, for myself or Veronica to arrange a visit to Manchester as we had planned.


Vacant Pulpit

The next meeting of the Chapel Council will  be held in November, when they will be discussing the future ministry of our Chapel. It is proposed that, in the New Year, all Chapel members, and the congregation, will  be invited to an open meeting to hear the thoughts of council members, and for the congregation to take part in discussions.

In the short term, the posting on the G.A. Vacant Pulpit list has been removed.

Thoughts to Consider

On Sunday 23rd September our service was ably and wonderfully conducted by Eleanor, who gave us much to consider. During the Service Eleanor  read out some information about the life of Harvey Milk, and below are some quotes from the great man  himself.

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official. Elected to san Fransisco’s Board of Supervisors, he passed stringent gay rights, and tackled a wide range of  issues, inncluding childcare and housing. He was in office for only 11 months before being shot and killed.

  • “I have tasted freedom, I will not  give up that which I have tasted.”
  • “Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight.”
  • “If I do a good job, people won’t care if I am green or have three heads.”
  • “San Fransisco can start right now to become nunnber one. We can set examples so that others will follow. We can start overnight. We don’t have to wait for budgets to be passed, surveys to be made, political wheelings and dealings…for it takes no money…it takes no compromising to give people their rights…to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression.”

Poetry Page

Trunks and Leaves

Awaiting consent to publish.


7th October-HARVEST Granville and Christine Leather
14th October-Gordon and Veronica Walker
21st October-June Grice
28th October-Graham Phoenix from Kendal
4th November-Jean Longworth.

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Calendar September 2018

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Women’s League News

At time of writing, the Women’s League has not yet held the August meeting, but we are looking forward to the Strawberry Tea which will be held in memory of Stella. Thank you to Alec and his family for inviting us again. A report will be in the next Calendar. Details of the meeting will be available in due course.


Brunch will be open again each Thursday from 6th September. We look forward to welcoming back our old customers and hope to meet new ones.


We send love and good wishes to all our friends who are unwell at the moment. We hope that you will soon be feeling better and look forward to welcoming you back to chapel.

A Student’s Prayer at the beginning of School Year

We give you praise, O God,
for everything that is new and beautiful,
for everything which holds promise and brings us joy.

Bless us as we start this new year
with our friends and teachers.
Help us to make the most of every chance we have to start afresh.

May we show love to one another and to all.
May the new beginning of this school year
remind us that you give us chances to start over and again.
Help us to forgive others
as we recieve your forgiveness.

Help us to learn and to work together.
Help us to listen when we should
and to know the best words when we speak
and when it is better not to speak.

We thank you for our friends.
Help us to be good friends this year.
Help us to be patient
with ourselves and with others.

Bless our school and keep us safe.
Be with us as we travel each day.


 Events in Bolton

Sunday 9th September 4:00pm
Victoria Hall, Knowsley Street, Bolton BL1 2AS
Moody and Sankey, A rousing afternoon of Song.

Saturday 15th September 7:00pm
Bolton Citadel Salvation Army welcome
The Brass Impact Band.


2nd September – Betty Kenyon from Bury
9th September – Jean Longworth
16th September – Polly Walker from Walmsley
23rd September – Eleanor Hill
30th September – Vincent Mculley from Rivington

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