Calendar November 2018

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Next month’s CALENDAR will be a two month edition for December and January (something to do with Christmas and New Year I believe!).

Therefore please let Nicola have your Christmas greetings by Sunday 18th November in writing, or by email on Tuesday 20th November.


Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. – Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests:

I decide to water my garden. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.

As I start toward the garage, I notice the post on the porch table that I picked up off the door mat earlier.

I decide to go through the post before I wash the car.

I lay my car keys on the table, put the junk mail in the rubbish bin under the table, and notice that the bin is full.

So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the rubbish first. But then I think, since I’m going to be near the post-box when I take out the rubbish anyway, I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my cheque book off the table and see that there is only one cheque left.

My extra cheques are in my drawer in the lounge, so I go inside the house to the drawer where I find the can of Pepsi I’d been drinking.

I’m going to look for my cheques, but first I need to push the Pepsi aside so that I don’t accidentally knock it over. The Pepsi is getting warm, and I decide to put it in the fridge to keep it cold.

As I head toward the kitchen with the Pepsi, a vase of flowers on the counter catches my eye–they need water.

I put the Pepsi on the counter and discover my reading glasses that I’ve been searching for all morning. I decide I’d better put them back on the coffee table, but first I’m going to water the flowers. I set the glasses back down on the counter, fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote. Someone left it on the kitchen table.

I realize that tonight when we go to watch TV, I’ll be looking for the remote, but I won’t remember that it’s on the kitchen table, so I decide to put it back in the lounge where it belongs, but first I’ll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers, but quite a bit of it spills on the floor. So, I set the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day: the car isn’t washed, the bills aren’t paid, there is a warm can of Pepsi sitting on the counter, the flowers don’t have enough water, there is still only one cheque in my cheque book, I can’t find the remote, I can’t find my glasses, and I don’t remember what I did with the car keys.

Then, when I try to figure out why nothing got done today, I’m really baffled because I know I was busy all the damn day, and I’m really tired.

I realize this is a serious problem, and I’ll try to get some help for it, but first I’ll check my e-mail….

Do me a favour, forward this message to everyone you know, because I don’t remember who the hell I’ve sent it to.

Don’t laugh — if this isn’t you yet, your day is coming!!

Women’s League Report

Tuesday 16th October: Bank Street Chapel Women’s League and AGM. Wow!! the Signature Restaurant at Bolton College  surpassed itself to serve us a most delicious 3 course lunch of an excellent standard, with the youngsters on this year’s course learning on the job with our guidance and encouragement! Their flushed beaming faces said it all…”Pride in the Job”.

The short AGM back at Chapel set out the results of the past year. The Treasurer’s report allowed us to understand decisions and the financial results, giving us an acceptable balance to herald the year 18/19, allowing subs to remain at £12 for membership and £3 for a friend.

Bank Street Women’s League input towards the project for The Sepsis Trust so far stands at £785!

We support our Women’s League friends locally, nationally and internationally.

We are a  small group of women but together we are strong!

It would be lovely to have more members join us, and there is always a warm welcome to anyone interested.

Women’s League officers were appointed en bloc with appreciation for their endeavours.

Womens League Centenary

The January 2019 meeting will set a programme for the year and planning for our 100th anniversary will also be discussed.

Save the date: 2020-100 years of the Women’s League!

Women’s League Rally

At Whalley Abbey: Vote taken to decide that the Charity for the Women’s League Project for 2019/20 will be The Smile Train.

“Beetle Drive”

Wednesday 14th November, at 7pm: In the Chapel Hall (except IT might not be a beetle!) with a raffle, fun and laughter, and of course refreshments guaranteed…so come along and bring a friend or two, and please put your name on the poster board.


Here’s an explanation of Agape.

Sunday 18th November, after Sunday Service: In the Chapel Hall, , a bring and  share lunch (otherwise known as a Jacob’s Feast ) and chance for informal chat.

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