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February Calendar 2019.

I assume that you are all back at school after the Christmas holidays. As I write this I am looking through the window at the snow. I love it, the trees look beautiful. I hope it lasts long enough for you to build a snowman, or go sledging but, do be careful!

The next thing to look forward to is pancake Tuesday, sweet or savoury they are delicious. Followed by half term, we may have some snow then and you can enjoy it for longer.


What do you call a cat that has eaten a whole duck?

A duck filled fatty puss!

What kind of illness did Bruce Lee get?

Kung flu!

Patient Doctor, doctor, my son has swallowed my pen. What should I do?

Doctor Use a pencil.


Respect is a powerful thing. You respect people because they do something like caring. I show respect because my Dad looks after me. I show respect for my family because they do nice things for me, my friends because when I’m hurt they help me and the rescue services for saving people’s lives. But I don’t respect people who hurt others.

Alex Greenhalgh year 5

Perhaps when you are in Sunday School next time you could write down your thoughts about respect and we could put it in the Church magazine. Enjoy your pancakes!

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